Pasco County School Calendar 2024-25

The Pasco County Schools Calendar typically follows a traditional academic year structure, starting in August. The academic year is divided into semesters or quarters, each encompassing a set number of instructional days. This structure provides a framework for effective lesson planning and ensures that students receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education. Pasco County, located in Florida, USA, boasts a thriving educational system that plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of its students.

Pasco County Schools Calendar 2024

PCS Calendar, which serves as a roadmap for the academic year, outlining essential dates and events that impact students, parents, and educators alike.

Month Important Dates Event Description
25-29 No School – Winter Break
January-24 1-5 No School – Winter Break
15 No School – M. L. King Jr. Day
25 Adult Ed Graduation
February-24 19 No School-Presidents’ Day
March-24 7 End of 3rd Quarter
25-29 No School – Spring Break
April-24 19 Progress Reports
May-24 24 Students’ Last Day
27 Memorial Day Holiday
28-31 Teacher Post-Planning Days
June-24 1-4 Graduations Cont’d
10-14 FTE Survey Week

You can click on the below link to check and download the calendar. Duval County School Calendar is also given.

Pasco County Schools Calendar With Holidays

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Pasco County Schools Holidays 2024

These dates are the official school holidays when students and teachers are not required to attend school, allowing them time to celebrate the holidays, have a break, and spend time with their families.

Month Holiday Dates Holiday Event
January-24 1-5 No School – Winter Break
15 No School – M. L. King Jr. Day
February-24 19 No School – Presidents’ Day
March-24 25-29 No School – Spring Break
May-24 27 Memorial Day Holiday


Polk County School Calendar

End of 3rd Quarters (March 7, 2024): These dates mark the end of the grading periods. They are important for assessing students’ academic progress and determining grades for report cards.

Look at Hawaii Public Schools Calendar.

Students’ Last Day (May 24, 2024): This marks the end of the school year for students. It’s the final day of classes before the summer break.

The 2024 Student/Teacher Calendar sets aside specific dates for holidays throughout the academic year. Ensuring that students and teachers have designated times for rest and celebration. These breaks are strategically placed to provide relief after extended periods of learning and teaching. Notably, the calendar aligns with federal holidays like Labor Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, and Memorial Day, acknowledging national moments of remembrance and celebration.

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