Williamson County Schools Calendar 2024

In Tennessee, there’s a great school district called Williamson County. It’s known for being really good at education and helping all kinds of students. The schools in Williamson County are famous for giving excellent education to kids from kindergarten to high school. They focus on doing well in studies, having interesting programs, and having a community that supports each other. Here in this we will give you the details about the Williamson County Schools calendar.

Williamson County Schools Calendar 2024

When parents and students check a school calendar, they usually want to know important dates and holidays. These can be the starting and ending days of school, breaks for Thanksgiving and winter holidays, spring break, and any other days when there’s no school. Knowing these dates early helps families plan vacations, family get-togethers, and other activities. Below you can check School & Employee Calendars.

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Williamson County Schools Calendar 2024

Williamson County School Holiday & Important Dates:

Williamson County School’s holiday and important dates showcase a well-structured academic calendar. With designated Late Start and Early Release Days, the district emphasizes effective time management. Additionally, extended breaks during Thanksgiving and Winter are strategically placed, fostering a balanced and supportive learning environment for both students and staff.

Date Day of the Week Event
January 1, 2024 Monday WCS System Closed – Winter Break
January 2, 2024 Tuesday WCS Professional Development Day
January 3, 2024 Wednesday Students Return – Start of Term
January 8, 2024 Monday WCS Late Start Day
January 10, 2024 Wednesday WCS Early Release Day
January 11, 2024 Thursday 6pm WCS School Board
January 15, 2024 Monday WCS Late Start Day
January 17, 2024 Wednesday 6:30pm WCS School Board
January 22, 2024 Monday WCS Late Start Day
January 24, 2024 Wednesday WCS Early Release Day
January 26, 2024 Friday 7pm WCS Honor Band
January 29, 2024 Monday WCS Late Start Day


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The Williamson County Schools Calendar for 2024 is carefully planned to focus on making learning good and taking care of students and teachers. They have special days for starting late, leaving early, and doing administrative work, showing they want to make learning better. They also made sure there are longer breaks around Thanksgiving and Winter so everyone can rest. This calendar shows that the school district really cares about making school a good place to learn and meets the needs of everyone involved.

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